By Franck Pachot

Do you know Delphix? The first time I heard of it was from Jonathan Lewis. And from Kyle Hailey of course. So it’s not only about agile and virtualization. It’s a real DBA stuff. So as I did yesterday with Dbvisit #repattack let’s install the demo.

Here is the setup:

  • one source virtual machine with an XE database
  • one target virtual machine with XE installed but no database
  • one virtual machine with Delphix
And what can we do with that? We can clone the databases instantaneously. It’s:
  • a virtual appliance managing storage snapshots for instant cloning
  • this is exposed through direct NFS to be used by the database
  • totally automated database maintenance (creating, restore, changing name, etc) through a nice GUI
So what’s the point? You want to clone an environment instantaneously. Chose the point in time you want and it’s done. You can clone 50 databases for your 50 developers. You can rewind your test database to run unit testing in an continuous integration development environment. You can do all that stuff that requires so many IT procedures just with a few clicks on the Delphix GUI.
Just an example, here is my source database and the way I choose the point in time I want to clone:
It’s running:
The #cloneattack is a good way to test things and discuss with others…

I have now @delphix on my laptop installed with @kylehhailey at #oow14. Cont. tomorrow at OTW

— Franck Pachot (@FranckPachot) September 30, 2014

@kylehhailey #cloneattack: finished it today now playing with clones while listening to @TanelPoder

— Franck Pachot (@FranckPachot) September 30, 2014

That’s some powerful multitasking – awesome @FranckPachot @TanelPoder

— Kyle Hailey (@kylehhailey) September 30, 2014