By Franck Pachot

Oracle Open World is not only conferences but also practice and networking. Today at the OTN lounge have installed the following demos on my laptop:

  • a Dbvisit replicate #repattack with
  • a Delphix cloning environement #cloneattack

I’ll detail the former below and the latter tomorrow, but if you are at San Francisco and missed it, please come tomorrow to the same kind of session at the Oak Table World! You don’t even need the OOW registration for that – it’s independant but at the same place. Here are the details:

Dbvisit replicate

This is the event:


Become a #RepAttack warrior at #OOW14 Get to the OTN lounge for briefing today from 3:00 pm

— Dbvisit Software (@dbvisit) September 29, 2014


Well, actually I did install everything a bit earlier as I had the #repattack environement before and I woke up very early because of the jet lag… The installation is straightforward and I’ve monitored it with anoter tool which I like (and we are partner as well): Orachrome Lighty.


I woke up because of #jetlag then I’ve installed @dbvisit #repattack on my laptop and monitor it with @orachrome

— Franck Pachot (@FranckPachot) September 29, 2014


The idea is to quickly setup a source and a target virtualbox, with Oracle XE and Swingbench on the source. And then setup the replication on it. It is really straightforward and shows that logical replication is not too complex to set. So the OTN lounge was to occasion to meet the Dbvisit team.


Here is the setup – I will continue tomorrow for cloning:


I have now @delphix on my laptop installed with @kylehhailey at #oow14. Cont. tomorrow at OTW

— Franck Pachot (@FranckPachot) September 30, 2014