If you are new like me in the ODA world, there is a chance that you don’t know the workaround for the ODA Administration console, asking you to reset the oda-admin’s pasword each time !

The solution is really simple. In some cases, you must accept certificats for the DCS-controller on port 7093 and DCS-agent on port 7070.

Here we are, you have already resolved the issue !

Important : Keep in mind, sometimes you must clear the cookies and data in your browser before this workaround.

Demo :

Problem : Everytime we connect to the ODA console page, we get the page to reset the oda-admin password !

Solution: Accept the certificat DCS-agent on port 7070

Go back to your ODA console using the port 7093. Now you can connect with your oda-admin user without any issue !

Enjoy it !