For my 2nd time at the KubeCon & CloudNativeCon Europe – the right place to be for all the Kubernetes & CloudNative technical sessions, showcases, networking and to have fun – the event took place in Paris. Our travel from Basel to Paris was fast, 3 hours of TGV is appreciated compared to Amsterdam where we had to take the flight. And Paris is more practical as they are also speaking french even that the commodities was quite better in Amsterdam (food, biscuits, coffee machines were everywhere). Let me also mention that we didn’t get any foods at Midday during the 1st day this year. It was not included. It was only for the people with the all-access pass. There was also no croissant the morning as well as no biscuits the afternoon to accompany the coffee – it’s was embarrassing for my colleague who attend the KubeCon for the first time. Let see tomorrow !

By the way, it’s always a pleasure to attend such event. Thanks dbi services for this opportunity.

During the 1st day, as there was CNCF-hosted Co-located Events there was only one mainstream. It was for people who purchase the KubeCon + CloudNativeCon Only Pass as us. This was a stream dedicated to the project lightning talks. The concept of the lightning talks was introduce this year. The concept is quite interesting as it’s a 10 min presentation where the speaker present the project, its status, its roadmap as well as the next interesting features that would be release in a futur version.

I discovered new CNCF projects such as

  • Strimzi
  • CloudEvents
  • PipeCD
  • Konveyor
  • SlimToolkit
  • K8gb
  • WasmCloud

Just to give you a brief overview of the mass of information we get today, here is the list of the lightning talks that I followed :

  • Strimzi: Toward a ZooKeeper-less Future
  • CloudEvents – Don’t Call Us, We’ll Call You
  • Monitoring Kubernetes and Cloud Spend with OpenCost
  • Client-side Feature Flagging with OpenFeature
  • The State of K8sGPT: Your Troubleshooting Companion
  • CNCF Storage TAG and the Cloud Native Storage Landscape
  • Porter: Project vs Maintainer – A Race Against the Execution
  • Effective centric CD pipeline: Toward PipeCD v1.0
  • Backstage’s new auth system – avoiding foot-guns and config overload
  • Container Builds at Scale with Buildpacks
  • The Carvel Way: Packaging APIs stitching together sharp Unix-like tools
  • Dapr: APIs for building secure and reliable microservices
  • Accelerate Your Modernization Journey with Konveyor!
  • Growing Better Together: Argo’s Community-Driven Development
  • Flux: Secure and Scalable GitOps
  • What’s New in Kuma: Advanced Service Mesh Capabilities
  • Future of Service Mesh is Sidecar-less with Istio Ambient Mesh
  • SlimToolkit: Improving Developer Experience with Containers: Making it Easy to Understand, Optimize, and Troubleshoot Your Containers
  • Kyverno Top 10: Automate Kubernetes Security With Policy as Code
  • OpenTelemetry for OSS!
  • Achieving Balance Between Security and Performance in Falco
  • K8gb: Reliable Global Service Load Balancing without vendor lock-in
  • Kubernetes-style APIs for SaaS-like Control Planes with kcp
  • How Crossplane is Accelerating Your Cloud Native Control Plane Journey
  • Advanced Multi Cluster Scheduling with Open Cluster Management
  • wasmCloud: Declarative WebAssembly Orchestration for Cloud Native Applications

For me, the concept of lightning Talk is quite great as this give the opportunity to the maintainers of the project to provide information to all the attendee and also try to catch new volunteer to join their community. The topics have been carefully selected by the CNCF to present the most relevant projects. Fast but with enough information to know the current states of the selected projects.

We complete the day by going to the party “PaaS Forward feat. DJ KUNGS Hosted by OVHcloud + Rancher by SUSE”. They announced a partnership between OVHcloud & Rancher by SUSE for the OVH managed Kubernetes service.