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Depending on your actions performed on your master,sometimes Jenkins needs to be restarted,for that,we have many alternatives,it is not supposed to be a tough task but it can be helpful to know how to do that…..So let’s see that!

Using Jenkins WEB URL interface

By connecting to your Jenkins dashboard you have the choice to restart the Jenkins master directly or wait for builds running to be completed before that.

Restart Jenkins

Force a Jenkins restart even if builds are running
Jenkins URL + restart

Restart Jenkins safely

Jenkins will be restarted after builds running are completed
Jenkins URL + restart

Use saferestart plugin

Go to plugin manager and look for saferestart plugin

A new option will be displayed on your dashboard:

Using Services

  • On Linux

[[email protected] ~]# sudo service jenkins restart
Restarting jenkins (via systemctl): [ OK ]

  • On Windows

Go the Jenkins installation path and use below command

jenkins.exe restart

Using windows services

Type services.msc on your search bar ( or select execute -> services.msc )

Using Jenkins CLI

Using Jenkins dashboard you can see all the Jenkins CLI options

You can also display the Jenkins help on your CMD by using the below syntax:

You can use the restart or safe restart syntax as below:


Regarding my configuration I am working on Centos and Windows 10 so you can have additional info to restart your services with different OS following this helpful topic thanks to all people sharing their knowledge and experience:)
there are some case as restarting on Mac , on FreeBSD and docker.


Now you know how to manage your Jenkins master services,see how Jenkins CLI can be helpful and how it is simple to use Jenkins GUI to perform a safe restart 🙂
Stay tuned for more Jenkins and Control-M tips 🙂

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