Hi everybody
Today it’s not about Control-M jobs but about Jenkins jobs ,Jenkins allows you also to schedule jobs and below we will see how to make it cyclic.
First , we will create a job using Jenkins graphic web interface

How to create a job

Connect to Jenkins interface with your login/password

-Select new item
-Select freestyle build
-Name your build

In the build’s configuration , enter your command line in the build  part (here we will chose “execute shell” in the drop down menu )


configure the scheduling

To schedule a job,Jenkins is using the same syntax as Linux crontab,then it’s easy to perform a cyclic job
Check the box ” build periodically”It is Based on the same logic of Linux cron , moreover you have example and syntax by clicking on the “?” icon on the right of the field.
On this example we configured the scheduling to have a build execution every 2 minutes
The screenshot is showing  that it will be executed on monday( and every other week days) every 2 minutes and next execution is planned.

Start the build

After that you can launch your build and check if the job is looping as expected (note that each execution create a build)
we can see that build is triggered as expected and time interval is respected as well


Jenkins is quite similar with Control-M which allows you to schedule jobs and do many other interesting tasks such as managing a complete workflow using “pipelines”, it can also be mounted as a Docker image and has a good flexibility.the web interface is really intuitive and we can be associate it  to other software ( like Control-M )
Stay tuned to get more Control-M and Jenkins tips and don’t forget to check dbi bloggers.