There are many foreign data wrappers available for PostgreSQL. One of them can be used to query rss feeds. In this post I’ll show you how you can feed summary information of a blog into your PostgreSQL database.

The foreign data wrapper you’ll need to download and install is called multicorn. This foreign data wrapper in fact brings more than a rss wrapper which is documented here. Installation is quite easy:

[email protected]:/var/tmp/ [PG8] unzip
[email protected]:/var/tmp/ [PG8] cd multicorn-1.3.2
[email protected]:/var/tmp/multicorn-1.3.2/ [PG8] make
[email protected]:/var/tmp/multicorn-1.3.2/ [PG8] sudo make install

This should install without any issues:

([email protected][local]:5001) [postgres] > create extension multicorn;
Time: 319.934 ms
([email protected][local]:50
i([email protected][local]:5001) [postgres] > dx multi*
                                   List of installed extensions
   Name    | Version | Schema |                            Description
 multicorn | 1.3.2   | public | Multicorn Python bindings for Postgres 9.2.* Foreign Data Wrapper
(1 row)

As usual we’ll have to create a foreign server on top of the extension:

CREATE SERVER rss_srv foreign data wrapper multicorn options (
    wrapper 'multicorn.rssfdw.RssFdw'

All we need to do from now on is to create a foreign table which will hold the summary information. The column names must much the rss item definition:

([email protected][local]:5001) [postgres] > CREATE FOREIGN TABLE planet_postgres_blogs (
    "pubDate" timestamp,
    description character varying,
    title character varying,
    link character varying
) server rss_srv options (
    url     ''

And here we go:

([email protected][local]:5001) [postgres] > select title from planet_postgres_blogs;
 Robert Haas: No More Full-Table Vacuums
 Ernst-Georg Schmid: More fun with a integrarelational DBMS: SoilGrids
 Hubert 'depesz' Lubaczewski: Waiting for 9.6 – Add a generic command progress reporting facility.
 Magnus Hagander: JSON field constraints
 Robins Tharakan: Separate Index Creation from Data Population during pg_restore
 Andrew Dunstan: Json dates, times, and binary data
 Rubens Souza: And Barman 1.6.0 is out!
 Leo Hsu and Regina Obe: Paris OSGEO Code Sprint 2016 Highlights
 Paul Ramsey: Paris Code Sprint, PostGIS Recap
 Shaun M. Thomas: PG Phriday: Being A Tattletale
 Alexander Korotkov: Pg_pathman Beta Release
 Reuven Lerner: Yes, you can master regular expressions!
 solaimurugan vellaipandian: Installing TeamPostgreSQL on  64 bit Ubuntu 14.x OS
 gabrielle roth: PDXPUG: March meeting in two weeks
 Jamey Hanson: Building JSON Documents from Relational Tables
 Szymon Lipiński: Loading JSON Files Into PostgreSQL 9.5
 Reuven Lerner: Using regexps in PostgreSQL
 Hubert 'depesz' Lubaczewski: Waiting for 9.6 – Add new system view, pg_config
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(30 rows)

Cool, isn’t it?