You may have noticed when upgrading your documentum infra that after 7.3 the DQMan utility from FME is no more usable (you get a red cross without any warnings on the screen). In this blog I’ll show you how to get it working again. I tested it on 16.7 but it should work on the latest ones.

Install Java 32bit

DQMan will only work with Java 32bit as it’s not compiled (for the moment) in x64.

On my case I installed Java 8u192 in C:\jre-1.8.192_x32.

Install DFC

Install DFC with the version you need, I have a repository in 16.7 so I installed DFC in 16.7. It’s not mandatory to install the DFC with the 32bits java, it doesn’t prevent DQMan to start. Fill up the which will connect to the repository.

Install DQMan

You can install it wherever you want, in my case I’ve put it in C:\Users\Public\dqman. I’ve the latest dqman version which is currently (you can verify in the about).

Setup DQMan

All is now installed and we can setup dqman to work with our repository.

First you need dmcl.dll from an earlier version, put it into the root folder of dqman, e.g. C:\Users\Public\dqman. Mine is 156KB.

Now copy the from your DFC installation to the config folder of dqman: C:\Users\Public\dqman\config\

If you have a dmcl40.dll in the root folder delete it.

Then create a java.ini file in the root folder with the following inside:

JAVA_OPTIONS=" -Xcheck:jni -XX:+RestoreMXCSROnJNICalls -Xmx256m"
java_classpath = "C:\Documentum\dctm.jar;C:\Documentum\config;C:\Documentum\Shared\dfc.jar;C:\Users\Public\dqman\config"

Of course update the path depending on your installation.

You should now be able to launch it, you can verify the version of the DFC used in About: