This 2020 new year began with a really exiting DevOps Event in Geneva. Kubernetes, Helm, Cloud Native, CNCF, CI/CD, Ansible, Terraform,… So much topics around DevOps that was in every people mouth. This confirm that DevOps is a good choice for any retraining 😉 This is effectively the next generation in the IT world.

For this second edition, around 300 peoples were attending the event. Thanks to the organizers

During the 1st day, I attended a workshop “Terraform best practices with examples and arguments” given by Anton Babenko. Anton is AWS community Hero and is specialized in Infrastructure as Code. Do no hesitate to have a look on his web site dedicated to best practices

Next to the workshop, I went to the interesting comparison of the git repository organization mechanism, the monorepo and polyrepo support.

Maria Guseva, provides examples, give advantages and drawbacks of each and show us how they are managing source code monorepo at Yandex

Another session that took my attention was the one provided by Paolo Kreth “Persistence layers for microservices – the converge database approach”. It began very well with well structured introduction. I was exited and he was providing information about how to architecture application with persistence layer and microservices.

Then, even after putting a disclaimer that his presentation is not for marketing purpose, he totally changed and talked a lot about the Oracle Database Product. Mainly saying that with latest versions “from 12c”, the Pluggable Database is comparable to the container “the container database” where we could easily patch, upgrade without near zero downtime. Adding that with the autonomous features, there is less stuff to take care about compared to PostgreSQL for example. The speech was concentrated to compare a previous job failed POC made at Mobiliar. As an Oracle employee, we can understand.

By the way, he also remind  the  updated  licensing  model as of  December 5th 2019 the machine learning and the spatial & Graph features option do no longer require a specific license. These are included in all editions of the Oracle Database “EE and SE2”

Let me share a screenshot of the speech that I mostly appreciate… It was done by “Jan De Vries”, Becoming antifragile is more important than ever in disruptive times

I enjoyed this two days and thanks again to the organiser.