It was the first time that I assist to an IT conference, and I want first to say a warm thank to dbi services for this great opportunity.

DevOps Barcelona is an annual event that purpose multiple conferences on different subjects around the marvelous word of DevOps.

DevOps Barcelona Day1

After received our welcome gifts and a coffee, lets start our two days of conferences.

Over a decade of #devops, what have we learned

The first session was conducted by Kris Buytaert. How a best start that a remembering what is DevOps, his history but, of course, what the DevOps is not !

The main part of his presentation was about how DevOps is killing others IT philosophies and how big companies are killings DevOps ? Yes DevOps is a philosophy, a workflow, but it is absolutely not a job, it is absolutely not a team and it is absolutely not a package of tools that helps developers to collaborates with ops, and big companies does not understand this. They think that if they recruiting a team of “DevOps engineers”, it will change all the development flow to be more efficient, but most of these companies will, of course, not change them management. And that is a big problem for the future of the DevOps.

Why you should be expecting more from the network edge

How to be fast for loading web pages when your servers are in one place and your users are all around the world ? One solution is to use a CDN (content delivery network) : the statics elements of your web pages are place in cache of multiple servers in the world. In this way a big part of the contents are multiply and always place near of users.

Ok, it is an important part of the network traffic, but do we have a similar solution for the rest of your web application ?

Hooman Beheshti, present us the network edge. This solution is very similar to CDN but permit also to cache the code of your web application, but also the absolute control of your cached datas. When you deploy your release, you can also your cache datas on these servers.

Open-Source: Open Choice – A DevOps Guide for OSS Adoption

Hila Fish is really passionate by Open Source Solutions and we clearly sense it during her presentation. She explain us is which cases can we choose an open source project : It could be for many reasons, but you may attention on some points. Is the solution popular ? Is it easy to use ? Read open tickets : does it have lot of bugs ? Some time, a licensed solution could be better in your case.

When you improve an open source project, of course, don’t hesitate to contribute to it 🧑‍💻
You can see opened tickets and develop bugs fixes or evolution and (or if you are not a developer) you can also write or correct the documentation.

DevOps Is All About Building Internal Developer Platform (IDP)

Viktor Farcic is a very technical guy but also really comic ! 😅 The sum of all that make this great talk about automation to the heaven.

In fact, in a DevOps platform, the ultimate goal is to render the system completely transparent, so the solution is automation and Viktor show us in a live demo with some tools like Backstage, Argo CD and Crossplane how a developer can deploy his project to production with just simple YAML configurations files. So easy !

Artificial Intelligence seen from the software development lifecycle perspective

I will be honest, the artificial intelligence is not my cup of tea ☕ But Nerea Luis show us that AI is completely compatible with DevOps and how to integrate it in a Kubernetes cluster.

How GitHub uses GitHub to develop GitHub

Yes, you read well, GitHub use itself for his development. Peter Murray explain us what is the inside workflow. In fact, it is an use of GitHub in depth they use all elements of the tool : Tickets, Milestones, Git, Pipelines, analyzing tools etc…

Zero Trust Security

Armon Dadgar is the CTO of HashiCorp, you maybe don’t know the name of this company, but I’m sure that you know their products : Terraform, Vagrant, Consul, Nomad and many others.

The specialty of HashiCorp is the IT security, and Armon centralize his session on how all of their products work very well together to guaranty the security of all the levels of your platform.

Do you prefer schema to words ?

Well… Maybe that if you not see the Armon presentation it is a little bit scary 😱 But I swear to you, all elements works absolutely well together ! 😉

Fin del primer día

See you tomorrow