After the covid period, it was difficult to personally attend events for some times now… It’s finally over (we hope) and we can again travel and be part of these kind of amazing technical events. For this end of the year, with Nicolas Meunier and Donovan Winter, we had the opportunity to move to Barcelona to attend the DevOps Barcelona 2022

I’m pasting below the website main page with the countdown as it was a pretty great design with Barcelona city by night in the background.

The 1st day at the DevOps Barcelona was quite intensive, 4 sessions the morning with the welcome speech and 4 sessions the afternoon. There was only 1 stream, but it was enough as would like to attend each of them. For one time you don’t have to choose between plenty of sessions.

The main stage:

Please find the agenda of the sessions I attend.

  • The 1st session was given by Kris Buytaert with the title “Over a decade of #devops, what have we learned.”
  • The 2nd session was given by Hooman Beheshti with the title “Why you should be expecting more from the network edge”

Then it was the break. You can see that a lot of people were attending the event…

The main stage was full.

After the break, I attended the following sessions

  • The 3rd session was given by Hila Fish with the title “Open-Source: Open Choice – A DevOps Guide for OSS Adoption”
  • The 4th session was given by my friend Viktor Farcic, with the title “DevOps Is All About Building Internal Developer Platform (IDP)”. That’s good to say that’s for him that I insisted to come with my colleagues in Barcelona. I wanted to see Viktor’s show. I was happy to see him on stage.

It was then the time of the lunch. With Nicolas and Donovan we decided to quickly take a taxi and we went in Barceloneta Beach to eat the famous Paella with a glass of Sangria.

We breathed a bit the Ocean air …

Love Barcelona

After this relaxing lunch, we went back to the event to attend the following sessions

  • The 5th session was given by Anton Babenko. “How to build, scale, and maintain 45 public Terraform modules with over 100 million provisions”
  • The 6th session was given by Nerea Luis. Artificial Intelligence seen from the software development lifecycle perspective
  • The 7th session was given by Peter Murray. How Github uses GitHub to develop GitHub
  • The 8th and last session of the day was given by Armon Dadgar with the title Zero Trust Security.

I really like the last session from Armon Dadgar, HashiCorp founder and CTO. He had no slide, nothing else than a pencil and whiteboard to show us the Zero Trust Security and how Hashicorp product are covering all the security need in the context of managing multiple cloud provider with private and direct to on-premise infrastructure.

If you want to learn more on the DevOps Barcelona 2022, I recommend that you read the blogs from my 2 colleagues. They seem really concentrated to write their blog, aren’t they?