Second day of DevOps Barcelona 2022

1st talk by Txema González and Manuel Sánchez:

“Zero Trust DevOps” with Azure & Github Actions

This session was a good presentation on Zero Trust Architectures with Azure. The implementation use the Azure Zero Trust blueprint and guardrails. It is interesting to note the importance of monitoring to enhance security and detect the possibles issues.

2nd talk by Ara Pulido:

Kubernetes at Datadog Scale

This talk explain how kubernetes is implemented in the Datadog environment. It was interesting to view how Datadog has configured Kubernetes with custom controllers, manage the network with cilium and the importance of metrics to control the autoscalling in very huge environment.

3rd talk by Marcia Villalba:

Getting started with Orchestration and Choreography in Distributed Applications

In this talk Marcia Villalba show us two how to organise your application using the patterns Orchestration for status schema or Choreography for event driven architecture.
The result a wonderful serverless architecture in AWS, using lambda functions (but the same pattern can be use with micro-services), and Event Gateway to run tasks on events on your application.

4th talk by Aurélie Vache and Horacio González:

Let’s dive into Terraform provider creation

This presentation shows a very interesting side of Terraform.
Terraform is known for infrastructure deployment, but he is very more powerful!
By developing our own modules, it is possible to call any web API. By the way, it becomes possible to provision any component when an API is available, to manipulate data, or to automate tests…

5th talk by Philipp Krenn:

The State of OpenTelemetry

A status of OpenTelemetry. In DevOps environment, the metrics are very important, the application feedback should drive your developments. In this context, OpenTelemetry offer a good solution to implements metrics in your application.
Lot of libraries are available for many languages and allow to implements custom metrics in your application code. The usage of a standard for metrics are welcome in the monitoring jungle.

6th talk by Nerea Luis:

Oops. I broke the Google, now what?

An Interesting talk about issues on a critic Google service, the authentication. How manage the crisis and the resolutions of incidents over the time. This is a good exemple of the application of the DevOps principals on real project. The DevOps life cycle are useful to plan the next development based on the issues feedback.

7th talk by Christian Adell:

The role of the Network Engineer in the DevOps era

A very good reminder about the role of network engineer on DevOps world.
DevOps, it’s not only between Developers and Operations Engineers but all the intervenant are concerned.
It’s important to include the network engineer in project because the network layer is more complicated with cloud cloud solutions and micro-services architecture.

8th talk by Guillem Solé and Àngel Vilardell:

Kafka and ksqlDB at The Hotels Network

An overview of the kafka solution in the Hotels Networks and finally the choice to no use it in the final solution.


For this second day of DevOps Barcelona, we have noticed the important role of the metrics and monitoring in a DevOps infrastructure. Another interesting point during this two day are the lot of talk about security and the Zero Trust model. Definitively the security are in the center of all interests.