A lot of interesting sessions for this first day of Devops Barcelona 2022

1st talk by Kris Buytaert :

Over a decade of #devops, what have we learned

A good overview of the evolution of DevOps since more than 10 years. Lots of new tools, lots of improvement but, the problematics remains the same if the mindsets don’t evolves. DevOps success is more about people than tools.

2nd talk by Hooman Beheshti :

Why you should be expecting more from the network edge

A discussions about evolutions of content delivery, optimisation and caching using network edge.

3rd talk by Hila Fish :

Open-Source: Open Choice – A DevOps Guide for OSS Adoption

A useful reminder about the choice of tools in DevOps environments. Open Source are great, but make the right choice can be difficult. Project popularity, community, support, maintenances, are some points to consider for a good tools choice.

4th talk by Viktor Farcic :

DevOps Is All About Building Internal Developer Platform

“If you want something done right, you have to do it yourself!”, it’s the conclusion of this talk. To work better, providing the right tools as self-service to your developer teams is a good way. With automations and pipeline it’s possible to deploy services and platforms as self-service. A very good demo by Viktor.

5th talk by Anton Babenko :

How to build, scale, and maintain 45 public Terraform modules with over 100 million provisions

An overview of Terraform capabilities in a huge environment. How keep the maintainability of terraform project with modules are a good way in a large project.

6th talk by Ramón Medrano Llamas :

Artificial Intelligence seen from the software development lifecycle perspective

An interesting session on machine learning and similarities to the devops lifecycle. Data analysis is a new opportunity to develop pipelines and automations in another context than application deployments. A new way to do our jobs !

7th talk by Peter Murray :

How Github uses GitHub to develop GitHub

An overview of GitOps in Github context. A good overview of project management, issues tracking, monitoring, pipelines and deployment with GitHub.

8th talk by Armon Dadgar :

Zero Trust Security

A session about security in the platform using the HashiCorp tools. How to secure the network, provide authentication and manage certificates with this tools.


A good day of conferences with a lot of interesting topics. One think remains after all the sessions : The tools are a huge part of our works, but, it’s not the most important. To implement DevOps in a project it’s more important to change the mindset accross Developers team and Ops team. And finally, DevOps, is not a job title or a teams name.