There was a recent thread on the PostgreSQL general mailing list asking for GUI tools for PostgreSQL. This is question we get asked often at customers so I though it might be good idea to summarize some of them in a blog post. When you know other tools than the ones listed here which look promising, let me know so I can add them. There is a list of tools in the PostgreSQL Wiki as well.

Name Linux Windows MacOS Free Screenshot
pgAdmin Y Y Y Y pg_gui_pgadmin
DBeaver Y Y Y Y pg_gui_dbeaver
EMS SQL Manager for PostgreSQL N Y N N pg_gui_ems_sql_manager
JET BRAINS DataCrip Y Y Y N pg_gui_datagrip
PostgreSQL Studio Y Y Y Y pg_gui_pgstudio
Navicat for PostgreSQL Y Y Y N pg_gui_navicat
execute Query Y Y Y Y pg_gui_executequery
SQuirreL SQL Client Y Y Y Y pg_gui_aquirrel
pgModeler Y Y Y Y pg_gui_pgmodeler
DbSchema Y Y Y N pg_gui_dbschema
Oracle SQL Developer Y Y Y Y pg_gui_sqldeveloper
PostgreSQL Maestro N Y N N pg_gui_sqlmaestro
SQL workbench Y Y Y Y pg_gui_sqlworkbench
Nucleon Database Master N Y N N pg_gui_databasemaster
Razor SQL Y Y Y N pg_gui_razorsql
Database Workbench N Y N N pg_gui_databaseworkbench