When applying archive logs on the standby, dbvctl process can terminate abnormally with Error Code: 2044. This can happen in case there are several archive logs with huge size to be applied.

Problem description

With dbvisit there is 2 ways to recover the archive log on the standby, either using sqlplus or rman. By default the configuration is set to sqlplus. It can happen that, following a maintenance windows where synchronization had to be suspended, a huge gap is faced between the primary and the standby databases. Several archive logs need to be applied. Problem is even more visible if the size of the archive log files is big. In my case there were about 34 archive logs to be applied following a maintenance activity and size of each file was 8 GB.

Applying the archive logs on the standby failed as seen in the following output.

[email protected]_name:/u01/app/dbvisit/standby/ [DB_name] ./dbvctl -d DDC_name
Dbvisit Standby Database Technology (8.0.20_0_g7e6bd51b) (pid 1939)
dbvctl started on server_name: Mon Oct 28 16:19:01 2019
>>> Applying Log file(s) from primary_server to DB_name on standby_server:
Dbvisit Standby terminated...
Error Code: 2044
File (/u01/app/dbvisit/standby/tmp/1939.dbvisit.201910281619.sqlplus.dbv) does not
exist or is empty. Please check space and file permissions.
Tracefile from server: server_name (PID:1939)
[email protected]_name:/u01/app/dbvisit/standby/ [DB_name] ls -l /u01/app/dbvisit/standby/tmp/1939.dbvisit.201910281619.sqlplus.dbv
ls: cannot access /u01/app/dbvisit/standby/tmp/1939.dbvisit.201910281619.sqlplus.dbv: No such file or directory


To solve this problem, you can change DDC configuration on the primary to use RMAN to apply archive log, at least time the gap is caught up. You will have to synchronize the standby configuration as well.
To use RMAN, set APPLY_ARCHIVE_RMAN parameter to Y in the DDC configuration file.

Procedure is described below :

Backup the DDC configuration file

[email protected]_name:/u01/app/dbvisit/standby/ [DB_name] cd conf
[email protected]_name:/u01/app/dbvisit/standby/conf/ [DB_name] cp -p dbv_DCC_name.env dbv_DCC_name.env.20191028

Change the parameter

[email protected]_name:/u01/app/dbvisit/standby/conf/ [DB_name] vi dbv_DCC_name.env
[email protected]_name:/u01/app/dbvisit/standby/conf/ [DB_name] diff dbv_DCC_name.env dbv_DCC_name.env.20191028

Send the configuration changes to the standby

[email protected]_name:/u01/app/dbvisit/standby/conf/ [DB_name] cd ..
[email protected]_name:/u01/app/dbvisit/standby/ [DB_name] ./dbvctl -d DCC_name -C
Dbvisit Standby Database Technology (8.0.20_0_g7e6bd51b) (pid 9318)
dbvctl started on server_name: Mon Oct 28 16:51:45 2019
>>> Dbvisit Standby configurational differences found between primary_server and standby_server.
dbvctl ended on server_name: Mon Oct 28 16:51:52 2019

Apply archive log on the standby again and it will be completed successfully

[email protected]_name:/u01/app/dbvisit/standby/ [DB_name] ./dbvctl -d DDC_name
Dbvisit Standby Database Technology (8.0.20_0_g7e6bd51b) (pid 50909)
dbvctl started on server_name: Mon Oct 28 16:53:05 2019
>>> Applying Log file(s) from from primary_server to DB_name on standby_server:
Next SCN required for recovery 3328390017 generated at 2019-10-28:11:57:42 +01:00.
Next log(s) required for recovery:
thread 1 sequence 77553
>>> Searching for new archive logs under /u03/app/oracle/dbvisit_arch/DB_name_SITE2... done
thread 1 sequence 77553 (1_77553_973158276.arc)
thread 1 sequence 77554 (1_77554_973158276.arc)
thread 1 sequence 77555 (1_77555_973158276.arc)
thread 1 sequence 77556 (1_77556_973158276.arc)
thread 1 sequence 77557 (1_77557_973158276.arc)
thread 1 sequence 77558 (1_77558_973158276.arc)
thread 1 sequence 77559 (1_77559_973158276.arc)
thread 1 sequence 77560 (1_77560_973158276.arc)
thread 1 sequence 77561 (1_77561_973158276.arc)
thread 1 sequence 77562 (1_77562_973158276.arc)
thread 1 sequence 77563 (1_77563_973158276.arc)
thread 1 sequence 77564 (1_77564_973158276.arc)
thread 1 sequence 77565 (1_77565_973158276.arc)
thread 1 sequence 77566 (1_77566_973158276.arc)
thread 1 sequence 77567 (1_77567_973158276.arc)
thread 1 sequence 77568 (1_77568_973158276.arc)
thread 1 sequence 77569 (1_77569_973158276.arc)
thread 1 sequence 77570 (1_77570_973158276.arc)
thread 1 sequence 77571 (1_77571_973158276.arc)
thread 1 sequence 77572 (1_77572_973158276.arc)
thread 1 sequence 77573 (1_77573_973158276.arc)
thread 1 sequence 77574 (1_77574_973158276.arc)
>>> Catalog archives... done
>>> Recovering database... done
Last applied log(s):
thread 1 sequence 77574
Next SCN required for recovery 3331579974 generated at 2019-10-28:16:50:18 +01:00.
Next required log thread sequence
>>> Dbvisit Archive Management Module (AMM)
Config: number of archives to keep = 0
Config: number of days to keep archives = 7
Config: diskspace full threshold = 80%
Processing /u03/app/oracle/dbvisit_arch/DB_name_SITE2...
Archive log dir: /u03/app/oracle/dbvisit_arch/DB_name_SITE2
Total number of archive files : 1025
Number of archive logs deleted = 8
Current Disk percent full : 51%
dbvctl ended on server_name: Mon Oct 28 17:10:36 2019

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