During three days, we will have the chance to mix Paris, Kubernetes, and new trendy technologies: all that in a cloud native spirit. With my colleague Arnaud, we left Basel right after lunch time on Monday, the 18th, and traveled to Paris, crossing the border and moving at 320 km/h across the country.

After 3 hours of train journey, we finally arrived, poking around the schedule of the event. What was this event we were heading to with excitement? The KubeCon. European Edition. THE place to be in order to get the latest, freshest news on cloud native technologies. The opportunity to meet the developers, the people behind all the tools we are using daily.

Laptop in bag-pack, power bank fully charged, we walked quickly and jumped onto the underground, headed towards the convention center, Porte de Versailles.

Once our entrance badges were acquired, and after cross-checking the schedule, we finally moved to the lightning talk’s room. Room D, pavillon 7.1, the topic here for the whole day was getting 10 minutes (even less sometimes) of short sessions on specific topics. Either a general presentation of products, or new technologies or functionalities being developed, this was very dynamic and interesting. Giving my feedback on every single session today would be very difficult. I counted 37 sessions, only for today! Let’s took some.

Strimzi: This was the very first session of the day of KubeCon, at this lightning talks trip. CNCF incubator project, Strimzi is a cloud-native Kafka operator that allows users to run Apache Kafka on Kubernetes. This talk aimed to highlight the will of the team to move away from ZooKeeper and implement KRaft instead. This will implement a RAFT algorithm variant, and the primary goal of this task is to provide better performances and also improve stability.

The next session was about CloudEvents, from Klaus Deissner of SAP. CloudEvents is a specification for describing event data in a way that is consistent across services, platforms, and systems. Upgraded to the status of graduated project early this year, CloudEvents works in tandem with the xRegistry project. It aims to define registries for messages, schemas, and endpoints.

Yes, it’s from the CloudEvents talk 😉 Klaus was doing a parallel with TOS/GEM GUI events

If you ever attempted to support Kubernetes production clusters, you had for sure to do some troubleshooting. With some tips you learned, from things you heard of. The talk from Thomas Schuetz was talking about another resource at our disposal to help us troubleshoot Kubernetes clusters. K8sGPT is a CNCF sandbox project whose goal is to analyze clusters and provide AI integration (OpenAI, AWS Bedrock , etc.) for troubleshooting.

This first day was pretty intense. However, it is not yet over; we will soon move on to the PaaS Forward event that OVHcloud and SUSE are hosting! It’s going to be a great opportunity to meet our partners from SUSE, people from OVHcloud and discuss about the latest trends in cloud technology.