Today the Data Platform Virtual Summit begin at 03:30 am for us…

It’s a little bit early but better than yesterday.

My schedule for the day:

  • D2B1 – HYDRA – Overview of SQL Server 2022 – Intermediate – Bob Ward & Ajay Jagannathan
  • D2B2 – HYDRA- SQL Server 2022 IQP Deep Drive – Advanced – Kate Smith, Derek Wilson & David Pless
  • D2B3- SHILOH – Everything you need to know about Temporal Tables – Intermediate – Magnus Ahlkvist
  • D2B4- YUKON – Synapse Link for Cosmos DB Best practices – Advanced – Manish Sharma & Sandeep Nair
  • D2B5- YUKON – Customer Use cases on latest Azure AI Services – Intermediate – Namrata Sherkhane
  • D2B6 – SPHINX – An introduction to Data Lakes on S3 – Intermediate – Chris Adkin
  • D2B7 – SPHINX – Data Replication in Azure SQL and Beyond – Intermediate – Abhiman Tiwari

Like yesterday, I will go through all sessions but just select one or two.

Do you know SQL Server 2022? No

Time to be up to date then!

Following the session Overview of SQL Server 2022 with Bob Ward & Ajay Jagannathan, we see a lot of new features and enhancements:

I just seen a good feature for one of our customers asking us to do a DR in Azure with hison-prem AlwaysOn. Before SQL server 2022 is was very difficult to setup and maintain a DR site.

Now with this new version, it’s very easy…

A great demo also about Azure Purview

We had a look also on Ledger, that I have already tested in one of my blog.

A lot of new features on the engine

As I‘m curious, I want really to test a lot these news features and share with you all my experience with SQL server 2022.

In the meantime, you can go to all these website to test and discover SQL Server 2022.

I follow the session Synapse Link for Cosmos DB Best practices  with Manish Sharma & Sandeep Nair.

It was a very interesting session with a lot of information.

Beginning to the Key benefits

Continuing with a great demo

With also the cost comparison between Cosmo DB Synapse Link and the usage of cdc on OLTP store

Finishing the session with a lot of Best Practice like this below is very useful

See you tomorrow for the next day! 😉