Last week, we had the chance to attend to the CloudBees DevOps Playground in London. The event was a presentation and a Hands-On on Jenkins X done by one of the most popular guys from the CloudBees, Gareth Evans.

Before taking an interest in Jenkins X, we focused most of our time in the Docker and Kubernetes part. We enhance a lot our skills during the last months on the administration of Kubernetes cluster and the deployment of applications, especially the Documentum stack as well WebLogic.

Jenkins X is quite a new technology in the landscape of automatic deployment, and we face the difficulties to find a workshop /training related to Jenkins X administration and usage. So we decided to go to London for this CloudBees DevOps Hands-on done.

As working in middleware infrastructures between system engineer and applications, Jenkins X is completely making sense for us to automate the creation of Kubernetes infrastructure in terms of cluster and application deployment.

What’s Jenkins X?

Basically, Jenkins X automates the whole development process end to end for containerized applications based on Docker and Kubernetes.

Overview of Jenkins X:

  • Jenkins X provides an automated CI/CD solution for Kubernetes
  • Buildpacks to quickly create new applications
  • Uses GitOps to manage promotion between Environments
  • Creates Preview Environments on Pull Requests
  • Provides control via ChatOps and feedback on Pull Requests
  • Improves developers’ productivity
  • It is open source
  • Microservices architecture
  • Designed for extension
  • Relies on k8s CRDs

JX Topologies:

Jenkins X can work in 2 modes: Static and Serverless.

Cloud-Native approach:
Our goal will be to use Jenkins X to automate the deployment of containerized applications on Kubernetes cluster.
Jenkins X make a real collaboration between system engineer and application teams with a focus on making development teams productive through automation and DevOps best practices.

We will achieve the automation of CI/CD pipelines using Jenkins X as following:

This is how Jenkins X works (big picture) and we will see later how to install JX with the different methods on the cloud or on-premise and how to build CI/CD pipelines.

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