The PostgreSQL Conference Germany 2023 is over and it was a success. We had 250 attendees which made this year’s edition of the conference the largest ever.

For us the conference already started Monday evening with the speakers and volunteers social event and dinner. We had a great tour through the Zeche Zollverein and learned a lot about German mining history:

The day of the conference was tough. Because there was a bomb from the second world war to be deactivated our meeting with the venue was cancelled on Monday. There really was a chance that PostgreSQL Conference Germany 2023 had to be cancelled because of that. Luckily the deactivation went well and we could prepare for the attendees starting 07:00 in the morning:

From there on it went as usual, everybody knew what to do. Here are some impressions:

The catering of HDT was good, here’s what was coming as breakfast right after registration:

We had great content, we had great speakers, we had great sponsors and great network opportunities. All in all, it was a perfect day for the PostgreSQL community.

After one conference is before the next one. Currently we are traveling from Essen (Germany) to Rapperswil (Switzerland) for the Swiss PGDay 2023. Quite some people are in the same train:

See you tomorrow in Rapperswil. Spread the love for PostgreSQL.