In December 2015, my colleague Vincent did a test with additional column with Oracle GoldenGate 12.2.
Hervé & Vincent asked me to do the same test with Attunity Replicate between Oracle and SQL Server.
For the story, Hervé does the test with a previous version here.

I create a task and select the Scott schema.


I run the replication


On the target SQL Server database, I create an additional Column:

alter table [SCOTT].[EMP] add SOURCE_COL varchar(10) default null;


Now, I do the same on the source Oracle database:

alter table SCOTT.EMP add SOURCE_COL varchar(10) default null;


I control in the monitor what’s append and see 1 error with the table SCOTT.EMP and in the log message, I see that the ALTER TABLE ADD SOURCE_COL don’t work!


It is logic, I have already the column in SQL Server… 😎

I update my table EMP on the source:

update SCOTT.EMP set source_col='change';


Attunity Replicate replicates the update command to the destination


I have a look on the destination and see that the update is applied on the additional column.


Like GoldenGate and the version 12.2, the additional column is updated in Attunity Replicate. No Problemo! 😎