This year’s edition of PostgreSQL Conference Europe finished last Friday, the 15th of December. It was the largest ever PostgreSQL Conference Europe with more than 700 attendees. For me the week already started on Monday, because I had to be there the day before the conference for the training day. With 25 people the training was completely sold out and it was an intense day for me, because our trainings come with a lot of exercises and supporting quite a few people with what they had never done before can be challenging. In the end, I believe everybody was happy and I made quite a few new PostgreSQL friends.

When I arrived on Monday afternoon, there was still some volunteering work to do, so I’ve helped with this:

At the same day and the same location I was very happy to receive my coin for PostgreSQL 16:

I guess there is no better place to get this, than at an official PostgreSQL community conference.

The main conference started on Wednesday, and as usual we had a booth in the exhibition area which connected all the the rooms for the talks:

When the opening session was about the start it quickly became clear that this will be the largest ever PostgreSQL Conference Europe:

A fully packed room. The interest in PostgreSQL and the community is still growing every year.

After three days full of talks, the speakers and volunteers dinner on Tuesday, the social event of the conference on Wednesday, and the Swiss PostgreSQL User Group dinner on Thursday, Friday evening marked the end of the event. See you next year: