Last week, the biggest European PostgreSQL event of the year took place in Berlin ( This event is an excellent opportunity to meet developers from the PostgreSQL community and to attend high profile tech presentations.

Tuesday evening we started with the traditional “Schweizer Abend” Dinner with the Swiss community. We had a special guest at our table with Frits Hoogland who comes from Holland/Netherlands. Fritz also made the switch from Oracle to PostgreSQL a few years ago, and now works for Yugabyte. The dinner was also an opportunity for us to discuss current IT trends.

Wednesday Morning the conference started and it was amazing to see how many people were there. Below is a picture of the plenary session at the start of the conference.

dbi services was present at the conference with 1 workshop and 2 presentations:

Daniel Westermann – 1 Day Workshop PostgreSQL DBA Essentials

Julia Gugel – Hero + Hero = SuperHero !

Daniel Westermann – TOAST, for breakfast and compression

As you can see, Daniel and Julia’s sessions were quite busy.


This event was also an opportunity for dbi services to present our new open source product that we just launched a month ago: the YaK. The discussions around this product during the 3 days were very interesting and I could gather a lot of new development ideas/proposals to enhance the product.

I also had the opportunity to present the product in the event’s Sponsors Track.

Hervé Schweitzer – YaK – The Next-Gen Multi-Platform PostgreSQL Database Managed Services

Last not least – dbi services’ booth

I would also like to thank Martin Moll, Region Manager Zürich at dbi services, who successfully managed the booth during the 3 days, which is not an easy task.

See you there next year for many new interesting sessions.