By Franck Pachot

Now that 12.2 is there, in the Oracle Public Cloud Service, I can share the slides of the presentation I made for Oracle Open World:

I’ll give the same session in French, In Geneva on November 23rd at Oracle Switzerland. Ask me if you want an invitation.

The basic idea is that non-CDB is deprecated, and not available in the Oracle Public Cloud. If you don’t purchase the Multitenant Option, then you will use ‘Single-Tenant’. And in 12.2 there are interesting features coming with it. Don’t fear it. Learn it and benefit from it.


In addition to that, I’ll detail

  • The 12.2 new security feature coming with multitenant: at DOAG 2016
  • The internals of multitenant architecture: at UKOUG TECH16

And don’t hesitate to come at the dbi services booth for questions and/or demos about Multitenant.
There’s also the book I co-authored: Oracle Database 12c Release 2 Multitenant (Oracle Press) which should be available within a few weeks.