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Great article! Thanks.

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Welcome to the dbi services Blog! This IT blog focuses on database, middleware, and OS technologies such as Oracle, Microsoft SQL Server & SharePoint, EMC Documentum, MySQL, PostgreSQL, Sybase, Unix/Linux, etc. The dbi services blog represents the view of our consultants, not necessarily that of dbi services. Feel free to comment on our blog postings.

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SQL Server 2016 CTP2 is out!

Posted by on in Technology Survey

As announced by Satya Nadella at the Microsoft Ignite keynote in Chicago, SQL Server 2016 CTP2 is finally out and it follows a previous private CTP.

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12c is coming with more dynamic sampling, now called dynamic statistics and using the new Adaptive Dynamic Sampling algorithm. The goal is to have better estimations and better estimations gives better execution plans. However, this new approach will increase parse time because dynamic sampling kicks in more often, reads more blocs, and run more queries.

It's probably not a problem for applications that are well designed, using bind variables to avoid to many parses, having good statistics (histograms where it makes sense, extended statistics for correlated columns). The SQL Plan Directives are there to trigger dynamic sampling only where misestimates have been observed. An OLTP application should not parse often, and should not have huge misestimates. A reporting use-case can spend more time on parsing and the few seconds spend to do dynamic sampling will probably benefit to the execution time.

In addition to that, in order to lower the dynamic sampling overhead, Oracle 12c Adaptive Dynamic Sampling run its queries with the /*+ result_cache(snapshot=3600) */ hint. The result is cached in the result cache and is not invalidated by dependencies. So even when the underlying table is updated, the dynamic sampling result is still valid in cache for 3600 seconds. This is why doing more dynamic sampling is not a big overhead according that:

  • your result cache is sized accordingly. The default (0.25% of MEMORY_TARGET or 0.5% of SGA_TARGET or 1% of SHARED_POOL_SIZE) is probably too low to fit all the dynamic sampling result for frequently parsed statements.
  • your result cache is enabled, meaning that you are in Enterprise Edition
So the question of the day is that I want to know if the RESULT_CACHE hint is just ignored in Standard Edition, or if there is a mechanism that allows it from Adaptive Dynamic Sampling.

If you have a bad application (not using bind variables, parse at each execution) and you are in Standard Edition, then there is a risk that the current parse contention you suffer from (CPU and latches) will be more problematic (more CPU and I/O). Let's try the following:

 c sys_refcursor;
 for i in 1..100
  open c for 'select count(*) COUNT'||i||' from DEMO_TABLE where a+b=c+d';
 end loop;
which run 100 times the same statement not using bind variables. So I'm parsing it each time, but it's reading the same table with same predicate, so the result of dynamic sampling should not change a lot.

I'll run it in Standard and Enterprise editions, with no dynamic sampling, and with the new AUTO level.

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Business analysis is becoming a widely accepted and valued position in organizations today, particularly those that are looking for new ways to enhance information systems.
Good business analysis allows us to deal effectively with complexity, which in turn enables creativity and innovation.


Image-13 Quick Reminder of what is SharePoint

Microsoft SharePoint is a robust collaboration platform that empowers people to work together. It's a CMS to share, organize, discover, build and manage projects / data.
This is a Collaboration tool.

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Today I've presented SQL Plan Directives at the SOUG Romandie event. I had a question about the import/export of directives by Data Pump. The idea is that a lot of testing has been done on QA in order to validate the upgrade to 12c. A few directives had bad consequences (see Ludovico Caldara blog post for an example), then directives have been disabled. When going to production, they want to start with those directives disabled. Yes, they can be imported. We have to pack them into a staging table, import that table, and unpack them. It's similar tho what we do with SQL Plan Baselines.

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If you have read Matching SQL Plan Directives and queries using it then you know how to use the '+metrics' format of dbms_xplan.

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Everybody is talking about in-memory databases these days. And everybody is talking about columnar store for sets of data because this can be a benefit for analytic queries. And a lot of people start mixing these terms not realizing that these topics are not exchangeable.


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Alfresco support, by default, the preview in your browser of some video formats like mp4 but doesn't support some others like mkv, avi or wmv. Even if Google Chrome can read mkv files for example, if you try to use the action "View in Browser" (this is not the same thing as the preview), Chrome will not try to play the mkv file but will download it instead. That's why if you upload an mp4 video in Alfresco, you will certainly be able to watch this video directly in your browser. In this blog, I will try to explain how to configure an external tool to take care of the thumbnails creation and transformations for your videos. To achieve that, we will install and configure ffmpeg. In addition to that, you can also very easily configure Alfresco to embed an external video player like "FlowPlayer" that would take care of playing all video formats directly "streaming" from Alfresco, not using your browser. Basically, this is done by replacing the preview page for some Mime types but I will not describe it in details here.

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The SAP HANA database allows you to create your tables in Row or Column Store mode. In this blog, I will demonstrate that each method has its advantages and disadvantages and should be used for specific cases.

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This blog post is something I had in draft and Laurent Schneider blog post reminds me to publish it. With the right RMAN configuration you should not have to managed backup files yourself. The RMAN catalog knows them and RMAN should be able to access them. If you want to keep a backup for a long time, you just tell RMAN to keep it.
But sometimes, RMAN is not connected to your tape backup software, or the backups are not shared on all sites, and you have to restore or copy the set of files that is needed for a restore database or a duplicate database.

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May 14th, Microsoft has released the first Service Pack (SP1) for SQL Server 2014. It is more than thirteen months after the RTM version.
SQL Server 2014 Service Pack 1 includes all of the CU from 1 to 5.

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