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Magali Blenner
Magali Blenner

Head of Administration and Accounting & HR Manager

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ODA 19.9 software release is out

Introduction 6 months after the 19.6, the first 19c production release, here comes the 19.9 Oracle Database Appliance patch with major improvements. Will my ODA supports this 19.9 patch? First,…

Oracle Restart 19c and ACFS

In this blog we are going to install an Oracle Restart 19c with ASM Filter Driver (AFD). I am using following configuration -Oracle 19c -Oracle Linux Server 7.6 -Kernel 4.14.35-1902.2.0.el7uek.x86_64…

Control-M/EM Manage job’s submission by using the ctm_pause utility

Hi everybody, Introduction Today a quick trick to pause job submissions on Control-M sometimes it can be useful, during some operations or investigations related to Control-M behavior, to avoid job…