UKOUG 2015 … Day 3 (Wednesday):

Ref: Oracle Security, RMAN, 12c Upgrade, Latches and Mutexes.

Here a litle overview of the last day in the Oracle UKOUG 2015 …

Two Oracle Security sessions:
– The first one about “Database Password Security” by Pete Finnigan.
In this session we explored all of the ideas and issues related to database passwords.
We also had a look on what is the strongest algorithms for a password and the implementing of rules (like profiles) to enforce it.
A live demonstration and finally a list on Password Safe Software that are available on the market.
– The second one “Oracle Database Security: Top 10 Things You Could & Should be Doing Differently” by Simon Pane.
Really interresting tricks on how easily hack a password (like SYSTEM) localy on a server and also some tips to avoid it.
Just an example, most of DBA use “alter user David identified by aPassw0rd’ to change a user password in a database.
Good to know is that this alter command is traced in a audit tracefile !!! Solution: use the SQL command “password” to change a user or admin password.

The RMAN presentation “Best of RMAN: Selected Features From Four Releases” by Uwe Hesse.
This was for me a good refresh on different RMAN strategies: which kind of backups inc0+inc1+arch you can perform, duplicate database from backup or active, recover a block corruption. All this topics arround some good demos.

And finally the presentation “New Features of Latches & Mutexes in Oracle 12c” by Doctor Andrey Nikolaev.
Wouahh … I was really in another WORLD!! :-))
A really technical presentation about Latches and Mutexes. Well presented with a Russian accent.
For those who want to rip out your hair or want to know more about Latches and Mutexes then you can visit the blog of Andrey .

So that’s it, it was a really good Oracle Technology Event (just perhaps a little complaints about the meal).