By Franck Pachot

Oracle’s OpenWorld has ended. It was the fist time I attended this great event and it really is a “great” event:

  • 60000 attendees from 145 countries
  • 500 partners or customers in the exhibit hall
  • 400 demos in the DEMOgrounds
  • 2500 sessions
This is Howard Street, a four lane avenue transformed as the Oracle Plazza for the event – in the middle of the 100000m2 of exibition halls and conference rooms:
Oracle is definitly able to organize fantastic events.
But that’s only part of the game. There is not only Oracle OpenWorld during that event. And all the things that are organised around it are also great way to learn, share, discover, and encounter people.
Let’s see just a few.

Golden Gate Run

Jeff Smith organizes the Golden Gate run on sunday morning. Ludovico Caldara has organized another one on wednesday for those that missed it:

Mission accomplished! Thank you @FranckPachot and @stenvesterli for joining! /cc @thatjeffsmith

— Ludovico Caldara (@ludodba) October 1, 2014


San Francisco Bay Swim

I didn’t participate in it, one reason may be related with the freezing wind the day before and the sea temperature of 12°C but it’s a great way to encounter people. ORACLENERD organizes the Oracle OpenWorld San Francisco Bay Swim on Monday morning. All information on their facebook page:

Oak Table World

The Oak Table Network have organized their stream of conferences on monday and tusday. You want to see great experts presenting without slides – only demos? Or with slides full of hexadecimal block dumps? Or very short presentations (the ‘ted talks’)? This is what we had aside of the OOW but in the same place. Here is the agenda.

As a fan of oracle performance, and troubleshotting, this is where I’ve spend most of my Monday and Tuesday here, of course.

#oaktableworld #oaktable The Conference that Matters #OOW14

— Jonathan Gennick (@JonathanGennick) September 29, 2014

OTN lounge

Some nice things happen at OTN lounge. repattack and cloneattack were there on monday. I already presented in previous blog this very great way to learn by installing the product on your laptop and play with it. Thanks to Delphix, Dbvisit and Confio for that.

#ReAttack in full swing with #CloneAttack downstairs at OTN lounge now #oow14

— Dbvisit Software (@dbvisit) September 29, 2014

Bloggers meetup

You read from oracle experts in their blogs, interact with them with twitter, they read and appreciate your blogs, articles, etc. Then only one thing is missing: meet in real life. Pythian (the well known ‘love your data’ company) made it: blogger meetup on wednesday evening. All information on their blog.

I really enjoyed to meet people that I appreciate both for their technichal skills and their personalities. I cannot list all of them here. You have a short list on the Blog Roll at the right of this dbi services page. And a large list probably matches with people I follow on twitter. And it’s a nice game to recognise those that had left old pictures on social media: people changed from short hair to long hairs, or the opposite, or have glasses, etc.

Blogger’s meetup #pythianlife @oracleotn @Pythian

— Nelson Calero (@ncalerouy) October 2, 2014

After the blogger meetup, most of the people have been to Treasure Island for the Aerosmith concert. Others preferred to eat good fish at Fishermans Warf (thanks again for having been able to meet great people in the Oracle community).

At dbi services, we like to share, learn, be open and enjoy. We do that internally at the dbi xChange. And we participate to worldwide events to do the same in the Oracle community.