This year I have the opportunity to take place at one of the most popular Oracle conferences, the DOAG. In the meantime, I have the chance to give a talk on Thursday about Docker containers. Yes! Because at DOAG we are not only speaking about Oracle products.

I’m really impressed by the quality of the presentations. I followed 4 presentations, on different subjects/technologies and the quality of them was very good.

David Hueber, OCI vs AWS for Oracle SE2

David presented the difference between Oracle Cloud Infrastructure and Amazon Web Services for an Oracle Standard Edition 2. The goal of his presentation was to go in deep detail from the buzz idea that AWS is the best cloud provider. Technically for each features daily used by an Oracle user, what is the difference between this 2 cloud provided. In the end, I get surprised that for this specific case, AWS is not as good as OCI.

Lykle Thijssen, The Pillars of Continuous Delivery

Very interesting presentation from Lykle Thijssen regarding the basis of DevOps, with a clear definition and explanations about continuous delivery and all concepts around that.

Continuous delivery introduction:

  • Makes the difference between continuous delivery and continuous deployment
  • Builds, tests and release software with speed frequency
  • Reduce the costs, time and risk of delivering changes to make more incremental updates

The idea is to define properly the rules to make continuous delivery and avoid mistakes in order to take the benefits from continuous delivery.

The agile development process is important for continuous delivery:

  • Flexible to change
  • Dev and test working in parallel
  • Shorter release cycles
  • More motivation to work on a short life cycle. You get faster feedback from users.

Why Microservices architecture is important for continuous delivery?

  • Cross-functional teams
  • Runtimes dependencies
  • Reduce the dependencies

Test Automation:
Test automation is important for continuous delivery:

  • Control the quality immediately
  • Automate repeatable steps every day for example
  • Test upon every deployment
  • Source control system (GitLab):
    One of the most important pieces of the “DevOps standard architecture” is the source version control. GitLab for instance.

    It allows us to create multiple branches in the Git server based on features and test them separately which allows to integrate them into the automation integration process.

    To conclude, all this point are very good reminders for us, who are working on a big DevOps project by implementing the continuous integration and delivery for one of our customers. We can finger out that we will need to manage better the source control integration (development process) by splitting the code into multiple branches and makes the merge progressively. The integration of the test automation is something very interesting and important that we need to take into account to complete our process and be full “DevOps compliant”.

    Oracle OCI und Kubernetes: Aufbau eines Clusters

    Yes, I followed a session in german :-)! A very interesting session regarding Kubernetes in OCI (Oracle Cloud Infrastructure). Thorsten Wussow explains to us the Kubernetes architecture in OCI and all the specifications.

    Oracle Container Engine for Kubernetes key points:

    • OKE is CNCF certified
    • max 1000 nodes
    • workers are managed by NodePools
    • RestAPI available
    • OCI CLI available
    • SSH to nodes also working

    Franck Pachot, Oracle 19 features

    Last but not least, the presentation from the popular Franck Pachot. An amazing room (Tokyo) with a recorded session, for the first time it’s really impressive for me.

    Franck started by talking about the DBRanking website which is considered as a reliable source for most people.
    In fact, he explained to us that it cannot be used as a reliable comparison tool because the ranking is only based on the popularity of the database, not on the features and the performances.

    After the introduction, Franck presented 19 features in Oracle compared with other open source DB such as PostgreSQL with a lot of interesting demos, as usual for some of the features.
    The core message was very clear: don’t only see the buzz and all information from social media but keep in mind that we are technicals expert and we need to go over the buzz words.

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