It’s already end of November and this is the time of DOAG Konferenz + Austelling in Nuremberg. Even if this conference is mostly related to Oracle topics, they’ve opened up for other database technologies in the last years. This does not only mean MySQL or MariaDB, but also MongoDB and PostgreSQL. You can easily spot this by looking at the agenda from this year.

As usual dbi services was present with a booth:

For me, the conference started with a panel discussion around high availability concepts in Oracle, SQL Server, MySQL and PostgreSQL (“Ein Datenbank-Quartett im Hochverfügbarkeitsvergleich”). We’ve been four people on the stage, all of us presenting the best features and tools of our preferred database, which is of course PostgreSQL for me. Answering questions from the audience made this quite interactive and funny.

If you look at how many PostgreSQL related talks are on the schedule (11, if I counted correctly) this clearly shows, that PostgreSQL becomes of more and more interest even at Oracle related conferences.

On Wednesday evening it quickly became crowded at our both because we started to serve cocktails:

This was a great moment to get in touch with other people and start discussing all things around technology. On the same evening, a bit later after dinner there was the well received conference party:

To summarize the three days from a PostgreSQL perspective: The conference is still packed with Oracle related sessions and this is of course not a surprise. But if you want to attend PostgreSQL related talks, you can do this as well. There is more and more content which is not related to Oracle every year, which is a good thing, as it attracts sponsors (or “Aussteller”) and people from other areas. Discussing cross-technology is important and this is why I think this conference can be a great place even for PostgreSQL people.