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You may have PostgreSQL databases running on your IT infrastructure and need to acquire the best practices in database administration (DBA) to get the best out of PostgreSQL You want to know more on PostgreSQL backup and security strategy? In this case you should try our training PostgreSQL Essentials for DBAs. In this two-day workshop course you will understand the PostgreSQL architecture, acquire the best practices in PostgreSQL DBA and experience how to safely perform backups. Additionally you will learn about the various high-availability options and setup a hot standby database.


  • Daniel Westermann
    Daniel Westermann
  • Mouhamadou Diaw
    Mouhamadou Diaw

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-5% for SOUG, SwissPUG, or DOAG members
Members of the SOUG (Swiss Oracle User Group), SwissPUG (Swiss PostgreSQL User Group) or DOAG (Deutsche Oracle-Anwendergruppe) are entitled to a discount of 5% on our trainings

Training objectives

  • Understand the PostgreSQL architecture
  • Installing PostgreSQL from source
  • Understand what is common to and what is different from other databases such as Oracle
  • Create databases
  • Get used to the command line interface: psql
  • Understand backup and restore procedures in PostgreSQL
  • Understand extensions in PostgreSQL
  • Create a hot standby database
  • Understand the optimizer, statistics and vacuum
  • Understand monitoring tools
  • Upgrades in PostgreSQL

PostgreSQL Training Topics

  • PostgreSQL installation methods: from source code, using operating systems vendor packages, using graphical installers
  • PostgreSQL architecture: processes, cluster, instance, database
  • How PostgreSQL organizes the files on disk
  • Dumping, restoring, point in time recovery
  • Standby databases
  • Optimizer statistics
  • Vacuum
  • MVCC: Multiversion concurrency control
  • ACID
  • psql, the flexible command line interface
  • Extensions: pl/pgsql, pl/perl, pl/python
  • Tablespaces
  • WAL, the write ahead log
  • The client authentication system

Training Method

  • Presentation with numerous exercises, case studies, and live demos
  • Discussions and networking during coffee break, lunch, and apéro on last day (included in price, except for on-site workshop courses)
  • Graphical tool courtesy of DB Visualizer

Target groups

  • Database administrators (DBA) as well as network, system and application administrators responsible for or supporting PostgreSQL databases

Language & documentation

  • The workshop will be held in French in Lausanne and Geneva and in German in Basel, Zurich and Bern.
  • Documentation: content details, scripts, case study solutions as PDF file (in English

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