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Oracle Database performance tuning is a broad subject with many questions looking for answers: How should I configure my Oracle instance, which Oracle indexes do I need to create, and which are the best tools to monitor the performance of the Oracle Database? The dbi services Oracle performance tuning experts – two of whom are Oracle Certified Masters – will share their knowledge, methods, and tools with you in our three-day dbi InSite workshop “Oracle Performance Tuning”. Through various practical exercises and live demos, you will understand how the Oracle Optimizer works and learn how to make the best out of it.

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-5% for SOUG, SwissPUG, or DOAG members
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Training objectives

  • Understand how Oracle uses the system resources (CPU, I/O, Memory) and configure them
  • Learn how the Cost Based Optimizer (CBO) optimizes the access to your data
  • Know everything about execution plan operations (full table scans, index access, sorts, etc.)
  • Monitor the performance with Standard and Enterprise Edition features (from the Diagnostic to the Tuning Pack options)
  • Learn the tuning of queries via features available to the developer and/or DBA
  • Understand optional Oracle features such as Exadata and In-Memory


  • Memory Sizing: SGA, PGA
  • I/O calls performed by Oracle
  • CBO, cardinality, cost, optimization, execution plan, hints
  • Statistics: system, object, dynamic
  • Full Table Scan and indexing
  • Sorts and Group By
  • All join methods
  • Statspack, AWR reports, ASH
  • Tkprof, dbms_xplan, SQL Monitoring
  • SQL Profiles, SQL Patch, SQL Baselines
  • Partitioning, Compression, Result Cache, Parallel Query
  • BI queries: Star transformation, Materialized views


  • Presentation with countless practical exercises and trainings
  • Case studies, live demos, discussions
  • Networking during coffee break, lunch, and apéro on last day (included in price, except for on-site workshop courses)

Target groups

  • Database administrators (DBAs) wanting to improve the system performance, Database developers wanting to improve the application performance

Language & documentation

  • Workshop training normally held in English; French or German possible instead as course languages
  • Documentation: content details, scripts, case study solutions as PDF file (in English)

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