SLA Pharma

A dedicated service desk for the pharmaceutical industry

The pharma sector is subject to very strict rules on research, development and the manufacture of products. These special rules translate into a series of good practices, including “Good X Practice” (GxP) for “Good Clinical Practices”, “Good Laboratory Practices” and “Good Manufacturing Practices”. These were introduced by the American Food and Drug Administration (FDA) to ensure consumer safety through the international application of ethical and quality standards.

These standards, which include “Installation Qualification” (IQ), “Operational Qualification” (OQ) and “Performance Qualification (PQ)” ensure the recording, the reporting and the inspection of data. This is why dbi services has an entire team of consultants dedicated to the pharmaceuticals sector. Their main mission is to ensure the administration of Middleware infrastructure (operating systems, databases and application servers) within a framework of SLAs.

Through their knowledge and expertise, our consultants are fully trained in and aware of the procedures in force in the pharmaceutical sector. They implement the required service management tools in a specific and appropriate way. Apart from Middleware infrastructure support, our pharma service desk also gets involved in numerous industry procedures. dbi services thus plays a part in securing evidence through the proper application of system and hardware validation standards, especially IQ, OQ and PQ.

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