Olivier Gautreau


Olivier Gautreau has over 15 years of experience in the field of IT. He is specialised in storage and Oracle databases. His expertise includes storage and market virtualisation solutions.

Prior to joining DBI Services, Olivier Gautreau worked in France, Germany, Belgium and New Caledonia. Olivier has held IT management positions in several companies. His IT Infrastructure Manager, Software Manager and Telecom Manager positions now enable him to understand the needs and expectations of IT managers. Olivier Gautreau has also held DBA Oracle positions within various companies. Furthermore, he took part in the development of a software suite under Oracle. He modelled and implemented Datawarehouse with Oracle, and put associated BI reporting solutions into place.

Olivier Gautreau has a degree in management engineering from the National Engineering School of Tarbes (France) and is ITIL-certified. He has international professional experience and is proficient in sectors such as the mining industry, the steel industry, aeronautics, acoustics, education, the entertainment world and software publishing.