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SQL Server 2014 – les nouvelles fonctionnalités

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You have little or no experience in Microsoft SQL Server 2014 database administration and want to know what is new in the latest version of SQL Server? Then you should attend our SQL Server 2014 New Features workshop training. In this three-day course, you will learn all about the SQL Server 2014 new features and tools, changes, and enhancements – including In-Memory OLTP, Columnstore Indexes, backup and restore, Resource Governor, Hybrid Cloud, and SQL Server Data Tools.

Dates de formation

3 jours
CHF 2700.- *


  • Stéphane Haby
    Stéphane Haby
  • David Barbarin
    David Barbarin

(*) Les prix s'entendent Hors Taxes et par participant.

SOUG (Swiss Oracle User Group) Les membres du SOUG (Swiss Oracle User Group) bénéficient d'une réduction de 5%.

Training objectives

  • Understand the new features of SQL Server 2014
  • Experience the new Hybrid Cloud enhancements such as backup and restore, data files, and AlwaysOn
  • Learn all about In-Memory OLTP with Memory Optimized Objects, Metadata, and Concurrency Control
  • Experience the Resource Governor enhancements, the Buffer Pool extension, the incremental statistics, and many other novelties
  • Understand the SSDT changes


  • In-Memory OLTP: Memory Optimized Objects, Metadata, and Concurrency Control
  • New Columnstore Index features
  • Backup encryption
  • Resource Governor enhancements: IO resource governance, PerfMon counters, extended events, and DMV extensions
  • Partitioning enhancements: Managing lock priority of oline operations, rebuild partition online
  • Incremental statistics and Buffer Pool extension: benefits, architecture, and management
  • New design for cardinality estimation
  • Licensing rules
  • Hybrid Cloud: hosting an SQL Server database or data files in Azure, backup and restore into/from Azure, and AlwaysOn enhancements
  • Schema and data comparison with SSDT


  • Presentation with countless practical exercises and trainings
  • Case studies, live demos, discussions
  • Networking during coffee break, lunch, and apéro on last day (included in price, except for on-site workshop courses)

Target groups

  • Database administrators (DBA) as well as network, system, and application administrators responsible for or supporting SQL Server databases

Language & documentation

  • Workshop training normally held in English; French or German possible instead as course languages
  • Documentation: content details, scripts, case study solutions as PDF file (in English)

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