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How to troubleshoot SQL Server performance issues!

Because it is a complex story, our SQL Server experts propose to have a look at how you may fix performance issues on SQL Server with this cost-free event.


Troubleshooting SQL Server performance issues is a complex task and depends on many parameters. Based on our dbi InSite Workshop for SQL Server Performance / Tuning, our SQL Server experts propose 3 presentations followed by demos for giving you an incredible insight into concrete SQL Server performance issues from the daily business and how to troubleshoot them. To improve the performance of your Microsoft infrastructures is possible. This is what our experts will show and explain you with this cost-free event!


13:30 Reception & Coffee
14:00 Welcome message & Introduction
Pierre-Yves_Brehier_dbi_services  stephane_haby
Pierre-Yves Bréhier, dbi services Region Manager Romandie
Stéphane Haby, dbi services Delivery Manager & Senior Consultant

Troubleshooting SQL Server with Extended Events
SQL Server has moved to a more complex and advanced database management system. The hardest aspect of solving issues is the troubleshooting step. Thankfully, SQL Server proposes tools to be successful in pinpointing problems. One of the most powerful tools is Extended Events which may help you troubleshoot a large array of issues, from errors to performance bottlenecks.

Stéphane Haby, dbi services Delivery Manager & Senior Consultant


How to boost your OLTP workload?
In this session, we will look at how the new In-Memory OLTP functionality of SQL Server 2014, optimized with 2016, can boost the performance of the OLTP workload with the new MVCC model. In-memory tables & natively compiled stored procedures will give you performance gain without any comparison.

Stéphane Savorgnano, dbi services Consultant & MCSE SQL Server

15:45 Coffee break

Tempdb database in details
Tempdb is known as a very special database inside SQL Server because it is a temporary workspace for storing a wide variety of objects. In many scenarios such as SQL Server database consolidation or SharePoint infrastructures, tempdb is related to performance issues. In this session, you will discover how the tempdb database works in the background and the methods to be used to improve the performance of this particular database.

David Barbarin, dbi services Senior Consultant & SQL Server MVP

17:00 Apéro
18:00 End

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Pierre-Yves Brehier
Pierre-Yves Brehier

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