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Event «Oracle Enterprise Features on SE 2»

18.06.19 in Basel and 19.06.19 in Lausanne

During this event, you will discover what differentiates a Standard Edition 2 license (SE2) from an Enterprise Edition license (EE). You will also learn what your Oracle Database Appliance (ODA) setting up possibilities are for the SE2 and how you can bridge a lack of features that are available in the EE but not in the SE2. We will conclude with questions and answers and you will then be kindly invited to join us for the lunch that will follow.


Oracle licensing ``tips & tricks``

Presented by :

  • Yann Neuhaus, Chairman of the Board, Chief Sales Officer (CSO) and Region Manager

Technologies are evolving extremely fast, and DBAs must keep up to date with all the trends that regularly appear. These trends usually also affect the licensing aspect, which is unfortunately often forgotten. Supported by real examples encountered during reviews and feasibility studies, the goal of this session is to provide recommendations and considerations in the context of Oracle license management and optimization. It involves the impact of technologies such as Cloud, VMware, OVM or Docker over multi-tenant as well as single tenant and standard edition up to test licenses.

Oracle Database Appliance (ODA) possibilities for Standard Edition 2

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ODA is the perfect solution to leverage your SE2 licenses for several reasons: First because the ODA combined with the SE2 license costs only a fraction of an ODA with the EE license. Then, with high I/O throughput as well as a high number of IOs/sec thanks to ASM and NVMe technologies, ODA will bring your database performance to the next level. ODA and SE2 are also sized for database consolidation, with all the cores per CPU-socket available for your databases. Finally, a fully professional, supported and reliable Disaster-Recovery solution exists with Dbvisit Standby bringing Data Guard-like features to your environment.

In this presentation, you’ll see how AWS PaaS can help its customers moving their database workloads to the cloud.

Enterprise Edition Features in Standard Edition 2

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In terms of licensing costs, the Oracle Standard Edition 2 software is quite lucrative as the licensing is based on CPU-sockets and today’s CPUs have many cores per socket. Unfortunately, when using the Standard Edition 2 of the Oracle database, DBAs and developers often miss some useful features that Oracle only makes available in the Enterprise Edition. During this session, we will show you some alternatives for missing Enterprise Edition functionalities in the Standard Edition 2.


The exact location has not been defined yet but we assure you that it will take place in Basel and Lausanne city, in an easily accessible place by public transports.

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Place :   Basel and Lausanne

Date :    18 and 19.06.2019, respectively

Time :    08h30 – 13h30

Price :    FREE EVENT


08h30 – 09h00 : Welcome Coffee

09h00 – 09h45 : Oracle licensing “tips & tricks”

09h55 – 10h40 : ODA possibilities for SE2

10h40 – 11h00 : Break

11h00 – 11h45 : Enterprise Edition Features in Standard Edition 2

11h45 – 12h00 : Questions / Answers

12h00 – 13h30 : Lunch

Yann Neuhaus
Yann Neuhaus

Chairman of the Board, Chief Sales Officer (CSO), Region Manager