• Define the AWS cloud and how it works
  • Differentiate between cloud, hybrid cloud and on-premises deployment
  • Describe the basics of the overall AWS cloud infrastructure
  • Explain the 6 benefits of AWS Cloud
  • Describe and provide an example of the major AWS services including compute, network, database and storage
  • Identify an appropriate solution with AWS services for various use cases
  • Describe what the “Well-Architected Framework” is
  • Explain the shared responsibility model
  • Describe the key security services in the AWS cloud
  • Describe the basics of migrating to the AWS cloud
  • Clearly state the financial benefits of AWS Cloud for managing an organization’s costs
  • Define the basic models for billing, account management, and pricing
  • Explain how to use pricing tools to select cost-effective AWS services


  • Presentations, practical exercises, case studies and question-oriented demonstrations
  • Discussion and networking during breaks and lunch (included)

Target groups

  • This AWS Cloud Practitioner Essentials course is designed for decision makers and IT professionals in general, as well as anyone who wants to learn more about basic cloud concepts, AWS cloud terminologies, and AWS core services.


  • We recommend that participants have a general knowledge of IT.

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