What a nice and an interesting new experience… My first ZOUG Event… Interesting opportunities to meet some great persons and hear to some great sessions. I had the chance to participate to Markus Michalewicz sessions. Markus is Senior Director, Database HA and Scalability Product Management by Oracle, and was the special guest to this event.


The introduction session was done by Markus. He covered a presentation of the different HA solutions in order to talk about MAA. Oracle Maximum Availability Architecture (MAA) is, from my understanding, more a service delivered by Oracle in order to help customer to find their best solution at the lowest cost and complexity according to their constraint.

I was really looking to hear the next session from Robert Bialek from Trivadis about oracle database service high availability with Data Guard. Bialek covered a nice presentation of Data Guard, how it is working and providing some good tips in the way it should be configured.

The best session was certainly the next one, done by my colleague, Clemens Bleile, Oracle Technology Leader at dbi. What a great sharing experience from his past years as one of the managers in the Oracle Support Performance team EMEA. Clemens talked about SQLTXPLAIN, performance troubleshooting tool, its history and the future. Clemens also presented SQLT tool.

The last session I followed was chaired by Markus. The subject was autonomous database, and all the automatic features which came along the last Oracle releases. Will this make Databases been able to be managed themselves? The future will let us know. 🙂

Thanks to dbi management to have given me the opportunity to join this Zoug event!