UKOUG 2015 … Day 2 (Tuesday):

Ref: Oracle Enterprise Manager Mistake and HA, Active DG and GDS, Multitenant upgrade and AWR reports.

For the second day in the Oracle UKOUG 2015, I attented some very good topics and presentation.
Here an overview …

Two OEM presentation:
– In the Morning, first presentation was about “Common mistakes when implementing 12c OEM” by Philipp Brown.
A good overview on what to take care when you install and configure OEM for the first time.
Taking the default configuration will often lead in an avalanche of monitoring alerts (Email spam).
So take care to define and add some features like user groups, UDMs, Incident Rules Alerting aso …
– In the afternoon, another OEM presentation “OEM High Availability- The state of the Art” by Andrew Bulloch and Jim Viscusi.
This presentation focussed on how to bring OEM really High Available. Different Architecture Levels (1 to 4) with differents solution like Dataguard, RAC or both (if you have money !!).

A new Topic for me was the presentation “Oracle Active Data Guard and Global Data Services in Action” by Ludovico Caldara.
Oracle Global Data Services (GDS) is a new 12c feature included in Oracle Active Data Guard and Oracle Golden Gate.
To summarize, it is a Communication Layer in MAA for Region-based workload routing, load balancing, role-based global Services for Active Data Guard. We had some live demos to see some practical examples.

In the continuity of yesterday another Multitenant presentation by Mike Dietrich (Oracle Master Product Manager) about “Deep Dive into Parallel Database Upgrades – with or without Oracle Multitenant”!
Since Oracle Database 12c, the new upgrade tool is . has more power and options, especially when you want to upgrade hundreds of PDBs in parallel. It is the most efficient way for the balancing between speed and contention.

And last presentation “Interpreting AWR Reports – Straight to the Goal” by My colleagues Franck Pachot.
More that 150 attendees, the room was completely full (see pictures below).
In this Oracle Database tuning presentation, we learned how to discover and get the most relevant information from a Statspack or AWR report. Franck showed us how to read efficiently a report and findout what can be tuned and have a positive impact for the Application or the end User (good response time).

Presentation_Tuning_AWR_Franck_Pachot   Presentation_Tuning_AWR_Franck_Pachot_2

This second days was really interesting and I hope that the last day will be also the same…..