So it’s nearly the end of the conference, where I met lot’s of people from the Postgres community, customers, EDB partner and also contributor/developer of Postgres. During the 3 days I had also the chance to follow many technical sessions and I will give you a short feedback of my preferred sessions.
If you want to have the details of the sessions go the conference website


Tour de Data Types: VARCHAR2 or CHAR(255)?

Very interesting session from Andreas Scherbaum, where he presented the most interesting Data types with use cases and examples.

What’s new in PostgreSQL 11

Magnus it a well know presenter, and he made a good and funny presentation of the Postgres 11 new features.

CREATE STATISTICS – what is it for?

For me it was one of the best presentations it delivered not many information,the quality of the presentation was just perfect. I directly downloaded the presentation and added it to my knowledge book :

Ace it with ACID: PostgreSQL transactions for fun and profit

The presentation was very good, especially if you want to trust your database.

An answer to PostgreSQL bloat woes

Thanks Amit for the presentation of the new storage engine ZHEAP, and for the information sharing. Directly after the session with Daniel we started to test this new storage engine. If you want to know more about this topic see my blog about ZHEAP.


It’s nice to know, which all new features in the Optimizer Tuning will come out the next years (FEEDBACK,ADVISOR,AUTONOMOUS,etc..). I wait impatiently to get access to the project,to be able to tests these new features.

See you next year !