For second day of conferences, I attended a first session about migration from Webtop to D2 or xCP. Then we attended 2 about Documentum platform performances tuning.

We could see EMC actually putting efforts to take benefits of Open Sources software. They started to package whole platform component by component into Dockers containers. Hope is to try to simplify upgrades of them from one version to another.

They also invited audience to migrate to Documentum 7.1/7.2 because lot of performances enhancements were done, especially for multi-core CPU support and better session pooling management, which last topic took us some maintenance time last months.

Key advantage of migration from Webtop to D2 or xCP is they capability to integrate a lot of business case scenarios out of the box. For instance, when a customer wants to move customizations into D2, by experience they said we could reach up to 50% features coverage by software configuration instead of coding. A great saving of time and money as well as maintenance costs over the time and upon further upgrades.

Finally they also stated EMC is providing few tools to ease processes of migration for former live science appliance to actual one and webtop to D2 and xCP.

For Documentum platform performances tuning, I invite you to read Gérard’s blog following this link.
I hope you enjoyed reading summary of today at EMC world – Momemtum 2015. Thanks for your attention.