Before starting talking about EMC event, I just would like to share my feeling about the city it takes place. It is Las Vegas, ok, what an amazing, impressive place! On top of that, we are in one of most beautiful hotels on the strip ! Congratulations to EMC and thanks for this attention.

For this first day of conferences, I decided to attend a first session about xCP platform. I use to manage content with D2, and wondered to know a few background of its brother – process oriented – xCP. Then I will explain a bit further news and forecasts about underlaying content management platform, Documentum itself.

xCP is one of leading application EMC wants to promote with D2 within enterprise content management system. In summary, xCP is described as a “rapid application development platform”. It meas it helps developers and business analyst to build application with lowering as much as possible real development works by providing an “extensive platform for building case management and business processes solution”.
In fact it aims to graphically build up applications by putting together several items, like forms and operational bricks, organized through processes for providing functionalities business teams are looking for. Such approach also aims to reduce development costs and maintainability over the time for more complex applications than only faceted records management.

Meanwhile, EMC released Documentum 7.2 platform with its several clients, D2 4.5, xCP 2.2 and Webtop 6.8.

In this release we can see several improvement areas like for security. With Documentum 7.2, we can now store and transmit contents using AES-256 bits encryption, considered by US NSA good enough as Top Secret protection criteria for the moment.

This version also provides enhanced capability through REST web services for searches, facet navigation, batches transactions, and indeed, further integration extensibility for third party software.
xPlore 1.5 also provides its own growing set of functionalities, like cross-repository subscription, privacy options, enhanced language words splittings and improved warm up. It is also good to know it keeps support with backwards compatibility to Documentum 6.7 SP2.

Then for next upgrades, EMC also provides higher-level migration tools like one for automatic encryption upgrade in Documentum.
This day was also very rich in terms of EMC corporate communication, for overall products policies and strategies for coming years and releases.
I hope you enjoyed reading this short summary of first day at EMC world – Momemtum 2015, and would like to thank you for your attention.