By Franck Pachot

That’s a very late ‘wrap-up’ post about the DOAG Conference.
Well, not so late because it was last week but time flies and blog posts are already listed.


It started very well when Oracle has released the full 12.2 on the DBaaS cloud a few days before the conference. As lot of speakers, my slides and demo was full of 12.2 features. Of course, as beta tester we can ask the permission to talk about it but it’s not easy to replace any “12.2” with “the next generation of Oracle database” especially in titles that are limited to 60 characters 😉
So 12cR2 came on the Oracle Public Cloud, easily available in free trial, full documentation became public and my demos were still working… this was perfect.
The 12.2 beta program started one year ago. At the time of abstract submission, all speakers believed that 12.2 would be out at DOAG conference time. This was just in time.


Exactly one year ago, at DOAG 2015, Vit Spinka came to me with this crazy idea to write a book on Multitenant. It was not the perfect fit in the planning for me as I was starting to prepare OCM 12c but that was a really good idea. The book was mostly finished in June but we had to wait for the public availability of 12.2. Now Oracle Press got the authorization tou publish it so it will probably be available soon. I had lot of questions about the date at DOAG. We have no date, but I hope to see it before Christmas.


Of course those international events are very good for networking. Yes, DOAG conference is international. Lot of speakers coming from other continents. DOAG organized a nice dinner with speakers coming from abroad and/or being Oakies and/or ACED. Very nice conversations, and unconferences on different subjects: #cloud, #DBADev, PL/SQL … and those conversations will continue in two weeks in Birmingham.

Among the conversations, I was very happy to discuss with Tobias Deml who I asked to explain me the #DOAGNextGen community. Oracle DBA is a job where you don’t find a lot of young people. We always have that image of senior bearded guys in front of a text screen. It’s good to have experienced people but this must be mixed with some fresh blood. I really like what the DOAG Next Generation Community is doing. They have a lot of energy and ideas.


Speaking in the Tokio room is great. Especially when doing live demos. You don’t worry about your mintty fonts being too small or not.

2016-11-15 16.42.36

I was talking about the Multitenant features that can help in avoiding too many roundtrips between Dev and Ops.

DSC09076 - S

The future is about automation, fast provisioning, fast refresh and clear separation of roles. Call it #cloud if you like.

dbi services

DOAG is a big event for dbi services: lot of us participate, most being speakers, we have a booth to meet our customers and any one with questions about IT infrastructure. Of course, a bit about Cloud.

2016-11-17 08.42.41-crop



I’m looking forward to DOAGDB in Dusseldorf (30-31 May 2017) – calls for paper currently opened. And next conference 21-24 November 2017

In the meantime if you want to learn more about 12.2, plan your upgrades and master the multitenant architecture… our 12c New Features workshop will be on 12cR2 in 2017 – first date in February:

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