In my blog about the DOAG Last year I said that saw a growing interest on the automatic deployment tools and Docker containers. This year confirmed the interest. They were a lot of presentations about Docker containers, Kubernetes, OpenShift. This for the database stream, the DevOps stream but also the Middleware one. I numbered more than 25 sessions where the keyword Docker appeared in the Abstract.

Despite my will, I was not able to assist to all of those. They were to many to be able to.

One of those interesting presentations that retained my attention was the following one: “Management von Docker Containern mit Openshift & Kubernetes” from Heiko Stein. He gave us a very good overview of the services for Kubernetes and Openshift and showed us how they can be complementary.

An other one was about monitoring and diagnosing performances of a Java application (OpenJDK 11) running in a Docker Container.
Monitoring of JVM in Docker to Diagnose Performance Issues. This one was interesting at several levels, as it talked about: Docker container, OpenJDK 11 and the tools that are delivered with. Monitring applications and diagnosing issues are always interesting subjects to follow to get some hints from someone else experiences.

The last I will list but not the least one was “MS Docker: 42 Tips & Tricks for Working with Containers“. This one in summary is all you ever wanted to know about Docker. But the 45 minutes sessions were really to short to get everything from it :-(.

Those presentations just made my interest for those technologies grow faster.

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Pascal Brand