OpenDB Appliance

Ready to use!

OpenDB Appliance is a complete image of a VMware virtual machine, prepared for running free databases, with the Linux operating system. It is configured by dbi specialists according to best practices and updated on an ongoing basis.

OpenDB Appliance enables new, functional databases to be provided quickly and easily:

  • Import OpenDB Appliance into your VMware ESX environment
  • Adjust parameters such as host name, network configuration, disk size, etc., as appropriate
  • Select the desired process (create DB Homes, initialize instances, stop operation, delete instances)
  • Start the automated installation process and you are ready

What makes OpenDB Appliance stand out?

  • Professional basis for licence-free databases
  • Ready-to-use
  • Automated processes according to best practice standards
  • Monitoring and maintenance with free DMK and pure open source tools
  • Manufacturer support

How much does OpenDB Appliance cost?

You can either purchase the OpenDB Appliance, including delivery, configuration and installation, for the attractive, one-off fixed price of CHF 1990.00* or get it for free when you opt for an SLA contract dbi FlexService for the related database on this appliance. The price also includes the installation of the free DMK Management Kit (DMK) that forms an essential prerequisite for monitoring and maintenance.

* yearly pricing for the support on the OpenDB Appliance: CHF 450.- (2 releases / year)