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Hi goog article can we install avdf firewall with flat network if it's possible please let me know ?

First, thank you for your interrest in this blog.Yes, the byte code will be interpreted each time bu...
BIEHLER Stephane
Pretty sure this is wrong:> already said that JVMs interprets the generated byte code - that's true...
Michael, great article, however, I would disagree on DRS/Host Affinity. You are legally only requir...
David Bradshaw
Hi lauri, db_file_multiblock_read_count is still used in exadata smartscan because it defines the si...
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Franck Pachot

Franck Pachot

I'm a Senior Consultant, and Oracle Technology Leader at dbi services (Switzerland).

Certified DBA (OCM 11g, OCP 12c, Performance Tuning Expert, Exadata Implementation) I cover all database areas: architecture, data modeling, database design, tuning, operation, and training.

My preferred area is troubleshooting oracle and performance tuning, especially when I acheive to enable an efficient collaboration between the developers and the operational team.
Besides this blog, I participate in the Oracle Community in forums, blogs, articles and presentation.

All that is referenced from my twitter account:


Do you know why Oracle Database is leading the database market for more than 30 years? Do you know any other software that is still the main solution after decades? It think that it is because Oracle is a good software from the get go. Many early decisions in the software architecture have revealed later how they were the right decision. Several decisions, such as the C language that made it portable to all platforms that were relevant during those 30 years, or the parallel server that has brought RAC when standalone servers were not able to scale anymore. Here I'll illustrate a decision made 15 years ago that has made the whole 12c pluggable databases stuff possible.

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I have recently published a script to check index fragmentation. But then, do you COALESCE or REBUILD? Well, there also is another option: ALTER INDEX SHRINK SPACE. Let's compare all those index defragmentation operations.

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When can we use IOT? That's a question I had when giving recently the Oracle DBA essentials workshop. the DBA Essential is very dense and there is only half a day about performance. We have the Oracle Performance Tuning workshop to go into those details. But IOTs are under used in my opinion, so I'll post a use case for them where they are a good idea.

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System statistics can be gathered in NOWORKLOAD or WORKLOAD mode. Different values will be set depending on that and the others will be calculated - derived from them. We can see defined values from SYS.AUX_STATS$ but here is a script that shows the calculated ones as well.

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At Oracle Open World 2014, or rather the Oaktable World, Chris Antognini has presented 'Indexes: Structure, Splits and Free Space Management Internals'. It's not something new, but it's still something that is not always well understood: how index space is managed, block splits, fragmentation, coalesce and rebuilds. Kyle Hailey has made a video of it available here.
For me, it is the occasion to share the script I use to see if an index is fragmented or not.

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Oracle's OpenWorld has ended. It was the fist time I attended this great event and it really is a "great" event:

  • 60000 attendees from 145 countries
  • 500 partners or customers in the exhibit hall
  • 400 demos in the DEMOgrounds
  • 2500 sessions
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This is the session I preferred at Oracle Open World. Well, I'm writing that before going to @ludodba one and I'm sure I'll have then two preferred sessions... So Vit Spinka has presented the internals of the new multitenant architecture. It's always good to play with some internals things. Not only for the geeky fun of it but also because it helps understand how it work and address issues later.

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I'm currently following the session 'Real-World Performance of Star and Snowflake Schemas' with Michael Hallas, Andrew Holdsworth, John Clarke. It's really a good presentation. the Real Performance team tries to spread messages about how to design for performance. But today I'll not blog about what I've seen but about what I've not seen. Everybody talks about those nice 12c features that are useful in BI workloads, such as adaptive joins, adaptive parallel distribution, vector 'in-memory' aggregation, etc. Nobody talks about Adaptive Bitmap Pruning.

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Usually, the logical replication of changes uses the primary key. Each row updated or deleted generate a statement to be applied on the target, which affects only one row because it accesses with the primary key. If there is no primary key, we need to have something unique and at worst it is the whole row. But sometimes old applications were designed before being implemented into relational database and have no unicity. It it a problem for logical replication? We will see that Dbvisit replicate can address that.

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Do you know Delphix? The first time I heard of it was from Jonathan Lewis. And from Kyle Hailey of course. So it's not only about agile and virtualization. It's a real DBA stuff. So as I did yesterday with Dbvisit #repattack let's install the demo.

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